To nip the Shark Free Marina Initiative sponsored by the Humane Society of the United States, an anti-fishing radical animal rights group, in the bud, the Big Game Fishing Journal is sponsoring a Shark Smart Marina Effort. This movement will let the public know that the marinas registered sign on to the ideology that only edible sharks should be landed and all others released. They also believe that common sense and good conservation tactics should always be used when fishing for sharks. The Shark Smart Marina is being created to let the public know that we as shark fishermen and the businesses that support us, are not the ignorant, mindless killers of sharks as the environmental community would have everyone believe. We believe in killing only what we intend to eat, always practicing sound shark conservation procedures and always respect the gamefish by limiting what you kill, using a dehooker and practicing proper release methods.

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If you're not familiar with the cause, read Captain Len's September/October 2012 Editorial "Shark Free or Shark Smart Marina - Join With HSUS or Join With The Big Game Fishing Journal" here!